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Latest News on the new NASA Solution for eForms (Replacing FileNet)

NASA Enterprise Service Desk ESD (1-877-677-2123)

GSA Forms Library for Standard Forms and Optional Forms

The NASA Electronic Forms System (NEFS) is a suite of tools for filling out, signing, submitting, archiving, and tracking electronic forms – all using your desktop computer.

Problems Downloading A Form?

For assistance contact the Ames Help Desk at 650 604-2000 between the hours of 7:00 A.M and 5:00 P.M. PST. Response time is 4 business hours.

Agency Form Application Migration

The Agency is migrating away from the Desktop eForms application to Adobe Livecycle forms. Desktop eForms no longer runs on Mac OS 10.7 or later, although it continues to run on the current Windows OS. Most forms have been converted to Adobe Livecycle and appear in the Download Other Format column of your search results. Those forms labeled PDF must be opened in Adobe Reader. Depending on your browser you may need to download the form as a file (right click) and open from within the Reader application. Those labeled PDF-LC will take you to the Adobe Forms Workspace and open in your browser. Eventually all forms will be handled this way.

NASA Forms Points Of Contact
NASA Forms Officer Valerie King 281 483-5888
ARC Forms Manager Judy Morin 650-604-5827
DFRC Forms Manager Cheryl Agin 661-276-2946
GRC Forms Manager Dennis Dubyk 216-433-5805
GSFC Forms Manager Margaret Jenkins 301 286-7395
HQ Forms Manager Patricia Southerland 202 358-0621
JSC Forms Manager Valerie L King 281 483-5888
KSC Forms Manager Jan Mayers 321 867-8510
LaRC Forms Manager Nanette Atkins 757.864.2514
MSFC Forms Manager Kim Narmore 256-544-4512
NSSC Forms Manager Cassandra Clark 228 813-6056
SSC Forms Manager Allecia Kimble 228 688-2446

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