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Latest News on the new NASA Solution for eForms (Replacing FileNet)

NASA Enterprise Service Desk ESD (1-877-677-2123)

GSA Forms Library for Standard Forms and Optional Forms

Problems Downloading A Form?

For assistance contact the Ames Help Desk at 650 604-2000 between the hours of 7:00 A.M and 5:00 P.M. PST. Response time is 4 business hours.

The NASA Electronic Forms System (NEFS) is a suite of tools for filling out, signing, submitting, archiving, and tracking electronic forms – all using your desktop computer.

The NEFS uses a commercial software application from FileNet Corporation called Desktop eForms to access electronic form capabilities.

For NASA employees, the application is being made part of the ACES/HPES load for all PC's and Macs running OS 10.6 or earlier at all Centers. If it is not currently installed, or you do not have an ACES/HPES computer, contact the Enterprise Service Desk ( or your system administrator for assistance in installing. NOTE: The application will not run on Mac OS 10.7 or later, and can not be installed on those systems. A user guide and installation instructions are available from this site.

Non-NASA employees who are doing business with NASA may also install the software from this site. A user guide and installation instructions are available.

NASA Forms Points Of Contact
NASA Forms Officer Valerie King 281 483-5888
ARC Forms Manager Judy Morin 650-604-5827
DFRC Forms Manager Cheryl Agin 661-276-2946
GRC Forms Manager Dennis Dubyk 216-433-5805
GSFC Forms Manager Margaret Jenkins 301 286-7395
HQ Forms Manager Patricia Southerland 202 358-0621
JSC Forms Manager Valerie L King 281 483-5888
KSC Forms Manager Jan Mayers 321 867-8510
LaRC Forms Manager Nanette Atkins 757.864.2514
MSFC Forms Manager Kim Narmore 256-544-4512
NSSC Forms Manager Cassandra Clark 228 813-6056
SSC Forms Manager Allecia Kimble 228 688-2446

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